The making of revamped Beautifulnara blog template

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Hi all,
We know it’s already February but hope it’s not too late to wish each of you Happy New Year!
For some of you who wonder either we still on business or not, yes we are.

Currently we are busy with alot of projects including in process of revamping our own website!
Anyway here are some description on the making of revamped Beautifulnara blog template.

Below is original blog design of beautifulnara:-

It’s pretty easy deal with the blog owner, Nazuwan as he knows what he wanted. His requirements were:-

- to make it simple but still remain certain elements from the old template
- to make it more clean and easy to read
- to maintain the old background

So, we came with 2 blog design options as below:-

Design 1

Design 2:

After some feedbacks from him, here is the final outcome:

You can visit to see the actual result.

Thank you Beautifulnara for trusting us. It’s really great experience working with you.

Sadly this is the last custom blog design we make this year.
Good news is we will come out with alot of READY MADE blog templates soon!

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Creative Bytes create Shortales Bunny

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We receive alot of blogshops template order lately when we started with this online shop template – Shortales Bunny for past few months.


Then we came out with Shortales Bunny Gallery template to enable users to browse easily without having to read and scroll too much.


Who doesn’t like clean and nice template to browse through the images and prices? :)

So anyone who need this kind of blogshop templates, can contact Creative Bytes for more details. We can discuss further to meet your needs. :)

Cotton2u’s Blog

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Check out their new weblog designed by us.
We create this blog template by using Blogspot platform.
The owners also need domain for it (.com).

Here are some design options in the early stage:-

Here is the FINAL version of Cotton2u template:-

Cotton2u offers quality cottons for those who love this kind of materials and patterns. Grab while stocks last. It’s a great experience working with them. We sure their service will be efficient too.

Cotton2u link:

For those entrepreneur or individual who need this kind of weblog template service, can contact Creative Bytes for more details. We can discuss further to meet your needs. :)

Free Wedding Blogspot Template for you!

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Even though at first we focus on WordPress blog template design, we still have demand from people for Blogspot template design. We have no problem with both because we are familiar with how both works. We believe many bloggers using blogspot as it is easy to customize and to be maintain.

As we’ve been attending alot of wedding invitations almost every months since last year, we have been inspired by making this blogspot theme – a perfect template for those who wants to blog on their wedding preparation. We name this template as ‘My Perfect Wedding Dream’.

Just consider this template as your advance wedding gift from Creative Bytes. :)

Why this template is ideal for you?

  • It has 3 column layout – where you can put alot of widgets on the right sidebar (your wedding checklists, survey on common color to be used for wedding, or even tickers – countdown widget for your big day & etc)
  • It is pink in color – Pink is common color to relate with love, wedding and romance.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download it here |   View Demo here.

Here is some simple instruction on how to use it after you have download the new template:-

  1. First, backup your current blogspot template by saving it to your desktop. Please save and backup your bloglists too.
  2. At your blogspot setting > press Layout > press edit HTML.
  3. Press check on Expand Widget Templates.
  4. Unzip the file that you have download and open it.
  5. Copy all the codes from the template that you have download and paste it there. Save the template.
  6. Done. You can change the title and description according to your blog title.
  7. Compare your blog template with our demo. Make sure it looks the same.

P/S: You can edit all the widgets at the right sidebar. However, we will be happy if you can give some credit to us by remain the Creative Bytes widget and banner – ‘This blog template designed by Creative Bytes’.

Easy right?

Ok, we know not everyone love pink. So we have little promotion for you.
For those who wants personal touch/customization on the template, you just need to add RM100 and we will customize it up to your specifications. However, the template will remain with 3 column layout. The customization include:-

  • Nice header with your creative input - with nice graphic + special font type for the blog title.
  • Color elements - Font color, background color, and design element color up to your specifications.

It’s a small amount compare to the hardship that you have put through on your big day. At the end of the day, you will smile reading back the blog where the experience is priceless.

Now you can focus blogging for your big day~

Photo Gallery for TRIPLETS Plus ONE

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Creative Bytes wish Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

Right before Christmas, we able to create a main page and photo gallery for this talented mommy cum kids photographer within 10 days!

Check out the main page and the photo gallery at the TRIPLETS plus ONE.
TIPLETS plus ONE photo gallery

Photo Gallery Link:
The photo gallery has a great function – easy to upload pictures and can add as many albums. Furthermore it is easy to be maintain. This photo gallery is ideal for photographers who wants to publish their photos as portfolio. If you want a photo gallery like this or any other type of photo gallery, please contact Creative Bytes.

Thank you TRIPLETS plus ONE for trusting our service!

Nice Celebrity Websites

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Here are 5 nice celebrity websites picked by Creative Bytes:-

1. Justin Timberlake
Nice website with up to date contents and complete with social network application. However the fonts are a bit too small.

Justine Timberlake Website

2. Emma Watson
This is a fully flash website with nice combination of colors. Easy to read yet quick in loading.

Emma Watson

3. Pussy Cat Dolls
Looks colorful and playful but its still easy to navigate. The web and the contents are quite up to date.

Pussy Cat Dolls

4. Jennifer Lopez
This website portray herself – elegant and sexy. Overall look is clean, complete with social network application and easy to navigate.

Jennifer Lopez

5. Katy Perry
How can you imagine Katy Perry without her playful outfit and looks? So does her website – looks very chic, stylish, a bit playful yet it makes you consistently wants to navigate her website and blog. We really love her website!

Katy Perry

These are just some of the top five interesting celebrity websites. Do you guys know any other interesting celebrity websites? Share with us and drop your comments here. :)

Blog Design Package for you

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First of all we would like to say thank you to Red Mummy for trusting us to revamp their new blog template.

It’s very easy to deal with her and her husband as they respond our email immediately each time we communicate to each other that make the whole process much easier.

Let us explain the process of making the Red Mummy’s blog template:-

  1. Before we started, we asked about the requirements of the blog template. Red Mummy explained it should be in red color and she preferred 2 column layout.
  2. Then we come out with a few design options as below:-
    Design 1
    Design 2
    Design 3

  3. The design was created based on Red Mummy’s personality – warm & outgoing, great mother and wonderful wife to her husband. Therefore, we put her nice static image with the photo gallery contains of some of her images.

  4. This photo gallery was build with easy function so that it will be easier to be maintain by them later on.
  5. After the design has been selected with some comments and input of Red Mummy and her husband, our programmer apply the design to the wordpress template.
  6. The template was ready for beta testing and been checked in all browsers (firefox,ie, opera & safari) so that there’s no errors.
  7. Final amendments were made on the design and template.
  8. Final check and ready to launch.
  9. Handover the template to Red Mummy for further modification transferring her old blog to the new blog template.

So what are you waiting for?
Now, Creative Bytes offered Blog Design Package at only RM600 with WordPress platform.

Blog Design Package

Blog Design Package

Contact us if you want a new blog template like Red Mummy or you need a website/blog for your business purpose.

We will give you free website/blog design consultation before we create one for you!

S. Wan Jewels Website

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Check out their new website designed by us:-

View more in here.

Their shop located at Alamanda, Putrajaya next to MPH.
Thank you S.Wan Jewels for trusting our service!

Creative Bytes featured in CSS Galleries…

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We are so happy to be featured in six CSS galleries in April. Our website is in the red highlight or you can click each thumbnail to view larger.

Featured in:-






Thanks guys!

Type of Websites

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Confuse with various type of websites? Worries no more. We will try to clear your confusion here.
There are many type of websites; each specializing in a particular type of content or use, and they may be arbitrarily classified in any number of ways.

Here are some common website categories:-

  • Blog - This is a diary/journal like site that keeps everyone up-to-date with what you are doing, and/or developments with your products or services. You can post articles here, and keep in touch with your prospects and customers. This site allows for great rankings, fast, and is a nice place to make frequent announcements, and give some background about what you or the company is doing.
  • Corporate website - used to provide background information about a business, organization, or service.
  • E-Commerce website - for purchasing goods, such as, CSN Stores, and
  • Personal website - Personal websites can contain any kind of information and are usually administered by a single individual who can choose whatever to put online.
  • Forums - contain categories that further narrow down the subject. Registered users can post questions or start a topic which other users can reply or add to. A lot of valuable information and knowledge exists in online forums and we urge you to join.
  • Content management system (CMS) - A content management system is a website that looks like a normal website when you view it however it has two types of access into it. The first being the front end, where the general pubic can view the pages of the website and navigate around the pages. The second is the back end where a manager or administrator has access into it using a password. Once they have logged in they can edit the information on the front end of the site. This has a major benefit to the use of the site as the pages can be updated without having to have a web designer do it.
  • Web 2.0 Social Media - The new mantra on the web is social networking. These websites can be classified as Web 2.0 sites but their sheer number and popular demands we have a separate category. Facebook, Friendster, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter have been the rage past couple of years. From helping you locate schoolmates and past colleagues, these websites have a whole array of utilities and features with more being “invented” and added each day.