Get your business up and running 24/7 and generate sales even when you are sleeping. We also make OpenCart Ecommerce themes, from creating whole sites, to just settting up the cart, to building custom shopping cart templates. Get a High Quality, Professional Ecommerce Solution from just RM300.

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Creative Bytes specializes in blog design for personal and business sites hosted through WORDPRESS and BLOGGER. Our custom blog designs are sure to wow your readers and keep them coming back for more.


How we help to develop your website:

Stage 1: Discussion
We discuss with you on the needs and requirements of your website objectives by email, facebook message or face to face.

Stage 2: Planning
After discussion, we start to plan for the framework and the navigation flow of your business website.

Stage 3: Developing
Our developers started to implement design jobs based on the well planned structure.

Stage 4: Testing
You will be able to test the progressive website on the testing environment.

Stage 5: Finalising
All the details will be corrected and amended on the progressive site during this pre-launched stage.

Stage 6: Launching
Your website now is ready to be launched.

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